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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect injury victims who receive structured settlement payments. These injury victims are often solicited and taken advantage of by the big “cash now” companies.

We’re here to fight back, and that’s why we created We’re dedicated to educating, advising, and protecting these individuals to ensure that their future financial security isn’t jeopardized by selling their future payments.

This website is an overview of how we can protect your clients, how we’re fighting back, and how you can join the fight!

Watch this 1-minute video to learn more:

Who we are

Our firm, Amicus Settlement Planners LLC, is a plaintiff-loyal settlement planning firm. We are attorneys and Certified Financial Planners™ with years of experience working with plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys. We specialize in establishing structured settlements, drafting special needs trusts, and advising regarding government benefit eligibility. (Our law firm, Tombs Maxwell LLP, focuses on the legal issues in settling cases.)

Through our years of experience we’ve seen that when some of your clients need money, they often look to the big “cash now” companies to purchase their future annuity payments. We’ve seen so many people get taken advantage of that we want to fight back.

How we help your clients avoid getting ripped off

We meet with your client, pro bono, to help your client make an educated decision (face-to-face, Skype, or via phone call). We discuss alternative options and help your client understand the true financial implications of selling their future payments.

If after meeting with us your client still decides to sell future payments, we’ll request quotes from reputable companies to make sure your client does not get taken advantage of and gets the most money possible.

Ways we’re fighting the “cash now” companies

1. Client Education. We meet with, educate, and help your clients understand the true financial implications of selling their future payments. If they still decide to sell, we make sure they get the best possible deal from a reputable company.

2. Personal Injury Attorney Education. We are working to educate you and other personal injury attorneys nationwide about the deceptive practices of the “cash now” companies, and is a central part of our efforts.

3. Judicial Education. We’ve developed educational materials specifically for judges to help inform and educate them on what to look for when they see these transactions in their courtrooms. Armed with this education, judges have a better understanding of when it is appropriate to approve or deny these transactions.

4. Legislative Action. We are working with state legislators in various states to strengthen the Structured Settlement Protection Acts to better protect those selling their payments.

5. Guardian ad Litem appointments. Judges regularly appoint us in an ad Litem capacity to advise the court on whether the proposed sale is in the best interest of the client. We are also educating other like-minded settlement planners across the country to understand how to serve as a guardian ad Litem in their local areas.

Let us help your clients

You worked hard to obtain a settlement for your client that would provide income and peace of mind for the future. Don’t let these “cash now” companies undo all your hard work.  

The next time a client calls you asking about how to sell their future structured settlement payments, make sure to contact us immediately. We’ll meet with your client pro bono, educate your client on alternative options, and make sure your client doesn’t get taken advantage of by the “cash now” companies.

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